"There are some world-class interior design ideas coming out of the West Coast right now. From Brigette Romanek's decor for Gwyneth Paltrow's new home, all curved shapes, natural light and indoor trees, to Axel Vervoordt's subtly textured minimal architecture... There seems to be a revelry in the amount of light which can pour through a Californian window, a new appreciation for being able to walk into a sun-filled home, kick off your shoes and sink into a rounded seat that is both elevatedly elegant and supremely comfortable.

And following in this new tradition - and in fact moving this look on with a fine art-level appreciation of how to use color - is the design studio LALA Reimagined. Founded by Lia McNairy and Azar Fattahi, the duo have been creating a fleet of modern homes in such alluring places as Malibu and Palm Springs."

Pip Rich